Without one

What do I feel is powerful
Seconds passed without a thing
I sing with the time
In the day gone

I really don’t understand
What is this self meaning?
If each of you is just a breath
I really can’t
In the niche of my heart
If I’m just side by side with your shadow

I ask my heart
Can I still love it?
I asked the time
Until when do I live my ice

What do I feel like
Seconds passed without a thing


Like a sun that warms my body
It was a quiet night that blew away from me
Like rain that cools my breath
When the dryness takes care of my heart and life

With you …
The most beautiful in my dream
It’s really my heart to reconcile
With you …
The most beautiful vanished my silence
Really do you decorate my deep sleep

Beautiful smile
Put my pulse to run
Chasing dreams and dreams
Because this trip is still very long
And it won’t end
Until finally it is created
Your dreams and dreams

New Story

The cold tonight was no longer felt
The loneliness of this heart is no longer created
The pain of the soul has long been forgotten
As my heart beat again
Walk around the corner of this city …

A separate speck of life
In various directions the winds passed
Move forward to unite
Together establish a new story
For you in my life

It will not be wasted for a long time
A new time will not dispel despair
Come and give new colors
For me in your life

This is a little hope that is embedded in the soul
Wanting that everything be created again
For happy memories
Together … in the corner of this city

Never with Him

Love is the charm of the heart
Ocean touching
You can grow forever
Although adorning the heart is increasingly fragile because of it

Love where you are now
My love is now quiet … now quiet

I have eternal love
But you are never with him
I don’t know where you dock
I have a missed blanket
But you have never been with him
I don’t know how long it will be tortured

I don’t think
I never thought
This is love that is not able to decorate my dreams

Here End of Me

When love has abolished dreams
Let it be my memory
Even though you are sad all you say
Has forced me to forget you

You will not understand
I have given a thousand poems
As long as your heart is frozen
I have empty the miss room for you

Go away from my heart
You won’t be able to destroy me again
Take care … here is the end of my pain
When you are gone from my life

I give up to want you
Let the new color be in my dreams …

i just wanna smile to another people .. cause i wanna look they smile me nicely ..
When reopening old records that are almost forgotten
I realize how much you mean
Friends who support my every step
When I fall, I’m down, you’re always there
When I’m happy, I almost forget you

This award is beautifully painted deep in my heart
Has its own frames on each side
Representing beautiful smile from you for me